Temple food.

Nigella Lawson, who I adore, because she gives all us over 35's hope of remaining reasonably attractive well into our 40's, has this whole business about 'Temple food'. Its the food you eat when you've been over-indulgent or just not treating yourself well.
In a final, crushing dietary blow, we had hot-dogs for dinner last night. They were damn delicious too, but certainly less-than optimal in the health department.
So we're kicking off the day with a big bowl of cranberry walnut oatmeal. This involves plain oatmeal with a tablespoon of orange-cranberry sauce (made by baby Chuck) and about a tablespoon of crushed walnuts. Its surprisingly delicious for something so relatively healthy. I'm also limiting myself to one cup of coffee today and will drink green tea if I need a caffiene boost later...
Lunch is a cup of chicken soup with chicken pieces and carrots (no pasta) and a penut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread.

The boys are begging to make Christmas cookies. Can I manage not to eat them???

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