Christmas menu

Working backwards from dessert:
Chocolate pudding
Apricot Bavarian (1950's classic...)
Roast pork. Simply prepared with rosemary, salt, pepper and garlic.
The greatest mashed potatoes EVER- creamy, soft, every so slightly lumpy with flecks of green onion. delicious.
Green beans sauteed with button mushrooms - this dish needed shitaki...
Chicken soup with tortellini. Georgeously clear and flavorful
Chicken liver pate
Stuffed mushrooms

Watching my sister in law cook has opened my eyes to a couple of things. Mostly regarding the 5lbs of unsalted butter that gradually disappeared from the fridge as the meal was assembled... My dad rarely used butter so her take on his foods was different, but satisfying. If you go to her restaurant, you might want to wear loose pants...

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