I've become sort of obsessed with the junk food of my childhood lately. Small wonder, given the events of the last six months, but its got me making all kinds of things I havent eaten in years. Like Ramen noodles. Ramen and broccoli kept me alive for the better part of 1992. Most people go through a phase in college where ALL they have to eat is ramen so by the time they are able to earn a reasonable salary, ramen is off the menu. Which has certainly been true for us.

With the boys back in school and us generally really busy, it just dawned on me to make ramen noodles for dinner the other day. I had a left over porkchop which I sliced super thinly, some carrot shreds, a bit of cilantro, plus some green beans, green onions and leftover asparagus. Evidently a really salty bowl of noodles is a good way to get vegetables into children without too much complaining.

The only alteration to the ramen itself was that I made four packages but used only two of the flavor packs. They tend to be REALLY salty. Also, beware they can be pretty fatty, some of them are fried before drying. I like Koyo for an organic and not so fatty version. I 'get it' why my mom, an inveterate health food person in the '70s would occasionally make this for us. Its fast, easy, good, and reasonably healthy when fortified by veggies and meat.

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