snacks and snacks and snacks and snacks

Some funny or possibly not-so funny articles about snacking and kids.

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There are ways to address this so-called insurmountable problem:
1. Say no. I know, its a crazy idea and junior might whine, but no one ever died from whining. Kids actually do die from diabetes. Placating childrens emotions with food is just a bad idea.
2.Cook. Its hard to cook, it takes time and energy and some would argue, money to do so. But I think it really takes commitment. You have to decide that its worth it to you to protect your childrens health.
3. Dont give them money if you dont want them to use it to buy candy and junk food. This is what small kids do with money, always has been, always will be.
4. Dont bring food to events lasting under 4 hours. If you are asked to bring a snack to something and you dont want to, dont. Explain why. Deal with the reaction of the snackie people. You and your children will survive the social unease. If you MUST bring something, a bag of carrots (whole carrots, preferably with greens still attached, not the cute buffed 'baby' carrots) and a 64oz bottle of 1/3 water, 1/3 herbal tea, and 1/3 juice usually will stop people from asking you again.
5. Eat at reasonable intervals. Breakfast on rising, lunch at 12, perhaps a small snack (and by small I mean an apple or a cup of yogurt, not both!), at 3, and dinner on the table by 5:30. If you are working, buy a crockpot, make a plan. By no means delay dinner until 7 or 8pm.
6. RELAX> try to think of your kids nutrition on a weekly, rather than daily, basis.

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  1. Good suggestions, and they work. Thanks for putting it all together.


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