Okonomiaki ADDICTION

About 3 weeks ago, before we left for Dubai, I stayed with my seester and the K-man (the soon to be Uncle K-man). We drove to Brooklyn and stayed overnight with them and they brought us to the airport.

K-man made us some Okonomiaki and I have been thinking about them ever since. My sister maintains that the sheer volume of MSG is what makes them so addictive, but I dont know because MSG usually makes me feel TEERRIIBBLLEE. These did not!
Its a savory pancake with cabbage (in my case no shrimp) topped with dried bonito (that writhe when you put them on the pancake - its a little scary-), seaweed, plum-sauce and cupie mayonnaise. Click on this for an insane mayonnaise ad.

Its about the best combination of weird and delicious I've ever eaten.

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