What to serve an angry mob? Part II

Ok so they are headed this way, pitchforks and torches in hand. The Hon. Nurnberg has pointed out that food can help diffuse this situation- so we shall bake!

Here is a Facebook link to my sister in law's amazing banana bread, if you can't get to it and want it message me and I'll post it here (with her permission...).

And then I think I'll try a chocolate pound cake. I have trouble with these, I made one for Easter that had a very nice flavor, if you could get past the brick-like texture... More than one person pretended they liked it but couldn't hide the fact that they were unable to chew it, which was sort of funny. Maybe I could repeat this and then fling chunks of it off the roof at the angry villagers to repel them?

I might squeeze in a cranberry walnut loaf. I have a freezer full of cranberries...

So I'll go to Dunkin' Donuts (internet distraction- this link takes you to a design-your-own donut widget...) and get a couple of boxes of coffee. Too bad it wont be hot enough to pour down the parapets at them...

After this, the next person who tells me my kids shouldn't be homeschooling 'because of the socialization' is going to get a hard smack in the face, just sayin'.

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