Supermarket boycott

So I've been to the supermarket about 11 times this week. Today, BOTH my DH & I went to the supermarket. We're spending thousands, we're totally disorganized, the cupboards are overflowing but we keep running out of things and its exhausting. My mother didn't go the market every day. Why is this happening??

Resolved: We are not setting foot in a grocery store until next Monday! I don't care if the kids are putting non-dairy creamer on their cereal. I am NOT going!!!

Breakfast: Cereal with blueberries and milk.
Lunch: Quesadillas and mixed chopped veggies. Animal crackers & strawberries
Snack: Fruit & yogurt
Dinner: Home-made sushi and noodles for baby Chuck, ice cream cones, watermelon

I'm going to do constructive things (like paint the guest room) with all the time I save. Let's see if we can make this work.

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