Arabic Junkfood

One of the few meals that all members of the clan agree on is Arabic Junk Food from the Eat & Drink Restaurant. Which has, I am happy to report, one of the weirder websites I have ever seen. ~Do hesitate not to visit! Make an especial note of woman breathing fumes of burger! Delicious.~
Middling English fluency is so awesome.

Tonights dinner of two chicken kabab platters and two lamb kabab platter set us back a whopping 66 UAE dirhams, that's $17.98 for:

20 kebabs (12 lamb, 8 chicken I've been told I should order Chicken Shish Tawok next time because its chicken chunks rather than ground chicken meal which is tasty but well, dodgy.)
4 pints of hummus (personal favorite throughout the city- perfectly balanced tahini & chick pea, creamy, but you can still taste the chick peas...)
6 large arabic flat bread rounds
1 pint of yogurt sauce
1 large green salad
assorted pickles
french fries (They sprinkle these on top of the kebab to soak up the grease I think, rendering them extra delicious...)
Truly enough food to feed an army at an amazing price mostly vegetarian friendly if you just skip the kebab too!

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