Clown sundae

It's birthday party month around here. All my concern and worry and kvetching about sugar is about to go whizzing out the window on a candy-colored cloud of sweetie goodness.

First up, we've been invited to two. Well, one didn't really pan out food-wise (a story for the Random Complaining column). But the other one is pretty much guaranteed to more than make up for it as the mom is a known sugar addict and an absolutely excellent cook.

And then, we are throwing two.
Baby Chuck is now old enough to plan his own menu which is nice, no dilemmas for me. It's a little predictably terrifying too. We're having chocolate chip muffins from Spinney's enhanced with frosting. AMERICAN frosting in a can (he's being quite specific), so we can put candles in it and sing Happy Birthday to him.
THEN, we're going to let the five year olds make ice cream sundaes. Clown sundaes. They are also supposed to get 'lots of gummy' in their party favors, but I suspect their parents will kill me so I'm skipping it... I did convince him we should have hummus and vegetables for the grownups, he agrees as long as he doesn't have to eat it...

Mr. Dumpling is going to be nine and is therefore much more sophisticated in his food choices. We're having pizza, cake and 'candy sushi'. Mr. Muffin Puff Cake tried to sell him on the idea of an all gummy feast (he's been angling for one, ever since he heard me call gummy 'the 5th food group'...) but the birthday boy is playing it cool.
Candy sushi involves making copies of sushi out of rice crispy treats, gummy fish, and green fruit leathers i.e. a mind-boggling amount of work for me. Which I will do because I have lots of guilt and too much time on my hands. mmmm..... gummy.......

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