So uninspired....

I'm the most uninspired cook in the world right now. I wanted to make a lovely supper for my family, but we were puttering in what we call a 'garden' (sand pit) and trying to decide what to do with all our dead grass. We thought to ask our neighbors if we could see theirs because its a 'desert' garden and is purported to be quite nice (it is...). They are so organized and design-savvy compared to us... So, by the time we got home with a donated sofa, the name of a house painter, and a renewed sense of purpose to make our bizarre, enormous, concrete bunker-by-the-highway a home, I was too cranky and too tired to prepare anything more taxing than mac 'n cheese.
We had broiled beefsteak- salt, pepper, splash of red wine, herbs de Provence & olive oil.
Mac & Cheese- from a box even, I am pathetic.
Platter of chopped raw veg.
So extremely pathetic.

I did make a decent salad.
Boston lettuce
Goat cheese
Balsamic Vinaigrette.

I picture of lettuce- click on it to see the names of each. lame picture for a lame supper for a lame post...

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  1. cheer up! we are getting snow, then sleet, then rain all in the next 10 or so hours!



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