Camp food

I've been really busy and this blog keeps falling off my to-do list, which is no good. I've got a pot of meatballs on the stove and a little bit of time while my children play in the road with the other neglected neighborhood beasts...
So I will tell you about a recent camping trip across the Omani border and what we ate...
In addition to cheese and crackers, sausages and bread etc.. which I brought because I had no clue what I was doing (I'm not really an outdoorsy gal, if you haven't noticed...). Our friend and de facto hostess, they go all the time, made up this tasty

Fireside Clam Chowder
2 cans of clams in their liquor(or 2 pints Quahogs if you live in the greatest little state in the union...), chopped.
2 cans sweet corn in water
3 or 4 medium yellow potatoes. cubed
two large brown onions, chopped
three or 4 cloves of garlic or a head of roasted garlic
about 1 cup of butter/flour roux- cooked to nearly done.
a good size bunch of green onions

Sautee your onions in about 1tbsp olive oil until well carmelized. Add the roux and the garlic stirring until roux is cooked to your taste. Add the clams, corn and potatoes. Cook for about 30 minutes until potatoes are fork tender, stirring occasionally. Season with green onions and thyme.
Black pepper to taste.

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