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If you were a occasional reader of this blog you might get to thinking all we do around here is throw parties. Which is sorta true. Its just that if you are drunk in public you can go to jail. If you are in your car and get pulled over for drunk driving you go home or to jail (a law which I kind of applaud). Hotels here serve alcohol, but you aren't supposed to drink it and intoxication is a serious crime, while being sort of encouraged. Oh, and you can't posses alcohol without a license, which we do have but is unclear on weather or not it covers me too and if it is allowed to transport the alcohol (even from the store where you bought it).
It's all too much for me to figure out and I'm loathe to run afoul of the law here, so I'd prefer to entertain people in my home and not have to think too much about this stuff.
On Thursday, I am having a tiny party. Or possibly a big party, nobody in Dubai RSVP's, like EVAH, so it could go either way.
It also has another little wrinkle. We are supposed to go to the beach from 3 -6p and then return to my house for said party. My beloved is not here to help me with this so I need a mess of food I can make up in the morning and then just pull out of the fridge when I walk in the door... tricky business, that.
Here's what I've come up with so far: deviled eggs, a bunch of tiny tuna and chicken salad sandwiches, cheeses and French bread, vegetable platter with hummus and yogurt dips, and some tortillas with fresh salsa and guacemole.
But I'm feeling like this is very boring fare.
I thought about livening it up with caviar, something you dont see at parties that often and the lesser grades of which are really sort of reasonably priced.
What to do, what to do...

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