A to Z Challenge- W

W is for Watermelon and Watercress

Yeah! Comprehensible foodstuffs...Sorry, U was horrible and I know X is virtually impossible... plus I'm supposed to be on Y by now....

Watermelon cooler

In a blender, combine 1tbsp agave or sugar syrup, about three cups of de-seeded watermelon chunks and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. Give it a quick whirr, just to mix it and get the watermelon to release its juices. You can pour it through a strainer if you don't like the texture or just drink it as is. This is delicious with a splash of white rum.

Watercress sandwich

So, you've got a watermelon cooler, you might as well eat something with it. Cut the crusts off some good home (or bakery)-made white bread. Generously spread with mayonnaise. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, add watercress. Cut into triangles. Serve with watermelon cooler, preferably on a porch located below the Mason-Dixon line...

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