A to Z Challenge- X,Y, Z

 X,Y and Z are just not for things I come across very often.

So I fell apart on X,Y, and Z. I took the kids to Rome for a few days, that's a decent excuse, don't you think?

The Chinese use lots of X's so watermelon transliterates to Xigua, but I dont think this precisely counts.

Xylocarp is the scientific name for a coconut or any other woody-exterior fruit that grows on a tree.

Evidently, there's a fruit called the Ximenia which produces and essential oil that can be used for preventing parasitic infections, so that's nice. It tastes like a plum.

Y is for Yam. I've always wondered about the difference between a true Yam and a Sweet Potato. From the Library of Congress- More than you ever wanted to know about the difference between Yams and Sweet Potatoes.

This extremely groovy website of Nigerian Recipes can tell you what to do if you get your hands on a true yam!

The jujube is technically called the Zizyphus jujuba. No sh(%!

Zucchini is a vegetable I actually dont really find worth eating. To my taste, it has no flavor whatsoever. My husband likes to sautee zucchini in about 45 cloves of garlic and a liter of olive oil with some tomatoes. Which will pretty much make anything taste good. I like to mix the leftovers of this concoction with eggs and scramble it. Tasty!


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