A to Z Challenge- H

H is for Honeydew Melon and Hubbard Squash or I miss my Dad and my Mom. 

My dad loved to eat honeydew melons sprinkled with kosher salt and my mom loved Hubbard squash because it is ugly & you get to smash it on the flagstones outside before cooking it.

 Honeydew Melon Popsicles:
Clean a very ripe Honeydew Melon and cut it into dice. Save any juice that runs and mix this with 2 cups fresh lemonade. Fill popsicle molds with melon pieces and pour lemonade over to cover all the fruit. Freeze. Tasty sweet.

Things to do with Hubbard Squash:
Smash your squash on the ground. Pick up and rinse off the pieces. Clean any seeds and place the sections of squash in a roasting pan. Roast until tender (about 45 min, depending).
1. blend squash chunks with stock, spices, and cocoanut milk for soup
2. add roasted squash to a salad
3. make a hubbard squash pie
4. blend some and add it to risotto with some chunky bits
5. make squash fritters, blend with egg, salt, pepper and some buckwheat flour, fry patties.

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