Cheap Meat

The supermarket had whole pork loins for $1.79/lb. What a deal! But given that the thing looked like a brontosaurus loin, I decided to cut it up into three different meals and freeze them.

1/3 (approx. 1 1/2 lbs) I cut into a roast, sprinkled with powdered ginger, slathered with mustard (Gulden's) and sprinkled with rosemary. The mustard mellows signficantly in the oven. Cook for about 45min at 350

1/3 I cut into another roast and covered it with sliced lemons then added capers, and garlic. I'll paint it with olive oil before roasting it the same way as the other one.

The only trick with these roasts is to wrap them in saran before freezing them in a ziploc.

The other 3rd, I sliced into chops and I may pound these flat and serve them like scallopine in a white wine sauce. Or I'll coat them with good seasons salad dressing and just broil them for a quick supper.
Here's a picture of my freezer.
I love having a freezer full of pre-marinated meat. I need a life.

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