No Propane no food!

This week has been one of atrocious eating for me and the kids. On Tuesday, just as their oatmeal was (nearly) finished cooking, we ran out of propane. Running out of propane makes your house smell like horseradish, lovely. One ate his mostly cooked oatmeal, the other two ignored theirs. We had pizza for dinner.

On Wednesday- still no propane- propane guy got lost. We ended up going to McDonalds for lunch. By dinner, we were all still tasting McDonalds- scary- and the kids were busily playing with their happy meal toys so they ignored the lovely meal my sister in law cooked.
How do they pack that much salt and fat into such a small space???

On Thursday, we did finally get propane, but it was 4:30 and they like to eat at 5:00. (I'd try to eat later, but I cant argue with kids who are in bed by 7:00!) So we had chinese dumplings and 'meat on a stick' Teriyaki with a side of mixed vegetables.

Tonight- the finale- we went to the Church sponsored lenten fish fry. If a slab of deep fried fish, a small mountain of fried scallops and a pound of french fries can be considered 'Lenten'. It was delicious, though. Unfortunately, we missed the post-prandial karaoke, kids getting tired.

Going for organic, clean shiny healthy food this week....

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