Food wall

Kid-friendly food- ugly, aint it??

I've hit a wall. I am totally overwhelmed by cooking and cleaning up after three meals a day. I really want my kids to be sophisticated and enjoy many types of food, but the fact of the matter is that anything beyond grilled meat, a starch and some steamed vegetables sends them into paryoxisms of whining. I know that I have to soldier on and keep trying new things and not cave when they whine, but it is really difficult.

Soon, we move to a new country 5000 miles away from home. I'm hoping they drop some of their fussiness when and where Mr. Dumpling's "basic American-type food" is less readily available.

Meanwhile its Cheerios and blueberries for breakfast with a side of watermelon.

Salami and cheese sandwiches for lunch with carrots, peppers, cucumbers and that ultimate symbol of the American Child as fussy eater -Ranch Dressing

Broiled (or grilled- depending on the weather) chicken, rice and steamed broccoli for dinner.

I'm going to make them eat Camel when we get where we are going...

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