Breakin' all the rules...

One nice thing about living in a foreign country is that you just arent aware of the food rules of a new cuisine. For example, as an Italian-american I do not serve bread and pasta in the same meal. The American dish of spaghetti with a side of garlic bread kind of freaks me out, far far too much bread. I dont eat salad before a meal- all that fiber, on an empty stomach- very bad for your liver... And dont even get me started about fish and cheese. Might as well drink arsenic.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm breaking lots of the basic rules of Middle-Eastern food, but I dont know them, dont know anyone who could or would share them with me, and well, I just dont really care.

Thus, this really delicious sandwich I made myself for lunch. I split a large Modern Bakery pita bread, spread it with tabouleh and topped it with garlic sauce. Perfectly delicious.
Tabouleh here is very different from what we have in the US (which I think for most is the Near East Brand). It is essentially a parsley salad with some bulgher wheat sprinkled into it, its very mild and refreshing and the crisp, almost lemony taste pairs very well with the garlic sauce. A home run of a sandwich if I do say so myself.

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