SUPER Lazy mom Supper

Today we had church and my husband was coming home from a trip and we had no car and Mr. Muffin Puffcake cut his eyebrown open at the pool and the crises were coming fast so I made the boys some pasta with butter and cheese for dinner thinking I wouldn't eat before mass.

But, as it turned out we ended up going to a much later mass so I took what pasta the kids didn't eat and what broccoli they wouldn't eat and mixed it together with some garlic sauce (this time from Spinney's- and seems to be made of much more natural stuff) and it was so delicious I actually called a friend to tell them about it. Who says you shouldn't eat other people's food garbage??

The garlic sauce is an excellent topping for pasta! There is so much potential here. It would be delicious with spinach, mushrooms, chicken, roasted peppers, sundried tomato... I'm having a small dinner party tomorrow night and I think I will try it with sundried tomato and spinach.

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