Baby Buddy's Birthday Party

Well, the guilt at moving them 10,000 miles away from home to a scary, wholly un-child friendly apartment complex, is now offically and fully out of hand. I am throwing birthday parties for stuffed toys. Baby Buddy is a toy shizhu who evidently recently turned four. So yesterday, because I am insane, I hosted some of their friends at snack and made a birthday cake for Baby Buddy.
I used this chocolate cake recipe which is now a staple of my kitchen- thank you Mrs. Darling- for a sheet cake and frosted it with 100g of caster sugar mixed with 50g of butter and a splash of milk.

The boys decorated it with number 4's made from green and red holiday m&ms. Everyone had a ripping good time, except Baby Buddy who got a little drunk and belligerent toward the end of the afternoon...
The Birthday Dog with his master.

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