Thai curries.

I love all kinds of thai curries but especially yellow and green. I think they are about the most perfect use for leftover vegetables, meat, fish, tofu etc. especially in a pinch.
Tonight, my neighbor invited us to dinner. I was greatful because my fridge is empty, my husband is out of town and I so did not want to go out. She made a beautiful bolognese sauce with shells for the kids.

Unfortunately and embarassingly, my children made a stink. She used carrots! Oh the humanity!!! And heaven forbid we just keep our mouths closed and eat what is put in front of us graciously.

Since we live in the same building, I felt like the only decent thing to do was bring my complaining little beasts home which then left me with the problem of what to feed them. Eggs came to my rescue, but what to feed myself?

This is where the curry comes in. After dinner and baths I put them into bed and poured myself a good large glass of a crisp Orvieto. Into a small saute pan went, one shallot, one large tablespoon thai yellow curry, some extra-firm tofu, leftover green peas, and some mixed frozen vegetables that wentover like the proverbial lead balloon with the egg supper. When the whole thing was cooked through, I added about 1/4 cup of coconut milk and poured it over some brown rice which I keep in single servings frozen for occasions just like this. Very delicious, very soothing of my angry embarassed mom self.

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