Dubai Mall Supper

Finally screwed up my courage and took the kids to the Dubai Mall. Our primary purpose in going there was to see the aquarium, but we also had to gather some dinner because it was unlikely I would have the time and/or will to cook after viewing the worlds largest piece of plexiglass....
The aquarium is worth seeing, but the lack of exposition makes it basically just a giant fish tank. I was kind of hoping for a more educational experience for the boys.
Dubai mall has a Caribou Coffee which I generally think has much better coffee than the other well known wholly ubiquitous chain coffee store... So we went there for a snack, a mocha cafe for me and the boys shared some chocolate donuts. This was followed by complaining that the donuts arent as good as those at any one of the 13 Dunkin Donuts between our home in CT and my parents in RI.
After the Aquarium and the snack, we went over to Waitrose to gather dinner. Waitrose is actually not that impressive in terms of quality and selection. We got some chicken kabab marinated in yogurt and coriander, sauteed spinach, glazed carrots (which were yummy) and some fresh flat bread.

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