Fun with Manky Bananas

I love the oh-so-English word "Manky" which I think actually means 'dirty' rather than rotten, but I've most often heard it used referring to food. IE Manky Banana.
The culinary possibilities of manky bananas are endless, but you've got to have pure serious over-ripeness rather than actual rot, for obvious reasons. We've just returned to Dubai and my husband was able to provide me with four seriously manky bananas (two were trash worthy) but the other two became a Penut-Banana cake.
All my banana cakes are basically the same (I'm going back to metric because we're out of the US):
200g of all-purpose flour (or 100g of all purpose and 50g each of oatmeal & whole wheat)
50g of caster sugar
1 tsp of baking soda
one egg
50g of sunflower oil (or other vegetable oil)
a generous splash of milk
two manky bananas

and then whatever else you choose for flavors
Bake for 40 min or so at 180
chocolate chips
roasted penuts and a tbsp. of penut butter
some mixed berries
a swirl of nutella after it goes in the pan
dried cherries or apricots
what else??

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