Grubby enough for ya?

I've been reading this book, Grub, since I got home from Dubai. I also watched the movie Food, Inc. on the plane which is certainly likely to put one off eating certain American foodstuffs. So I'm grocery shopping in a bit of a panic. Consciousness raised (by fear...) and all that. Its all kind of a lot to deal with.

For example, I bought 2 1/2 gallons of milk in NY because my sister took me to a groovy supermarket in Brooklyn before we headed home... The package says Organic, Grass Fed Milk. BUT come to find out, its not technically organic milk because it isnt USDA certified organic. Still at 2 for $5, not a bad deal.

I can go to the Farmer's Cow Farm up the road and get a gallon of milk for $6 (roughly). Its not certified Organic, but they do label 'RBST free' although there's no labeling for RBGH. I go there assuming these folks are my neighbors and there wouldnt be much premium in adding anything spooky to the milk, but then again, who knows?

I can go to the Big Giant Fancy Supermarket Chain and get killed for $6.99 a gallon and have the reassurance of a Nationally Known Brand (for what that's worth) But I dont really feel like losing a toe to angry rich people whizzing their carts through the aisles on a kill-mission for the best extra-virgin olive oil...

I can go to the gas station and get a gallon of Guida's Dairy $3.19 (or so...) bwhich has the Supercow (what's more reassuring than that??) and has been THE major local dairy for over 100 years. Not organic, but no growth hormones and a fairly transparent process of antibiotic screening, which seems reassuring.

And I can go to the supermarket and get their house label milk for about $2.89 a gallon. Although, there is very little origin information on it, it does say no growth hormone.

Maybe I should have Mr. Dumpling and Mr. MuffinPuffCake do a multi-factor analysis of the situation and come up with my optimal milk purchase option. They drink all the milk afterall, and it would be in keeping with good ole fashioned geeky homeschooling

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