New Neighbor

So I've been living in Dubai for over a year now and yesterday I actually met an Emirati. Like from here, and everything. She's my neighbor and has two little boys so we have something in common. She is very young, 25! and her husband is cadet-pilot with Big Giant International Airline. I get the impression she's a bit lonely, surrounded as she is by bitchy 1st-world pilot wives, so I invited her for coffee.

I'm dreading it a little. Her English isnt fantastic and I speak less-than no Arabic. Plus entertaining of any kind is a whopping big deal to these folks. Two different things to eat per person coming by is the rule (which would mean 6 things for her and her two kiddos...)

I'm not going there, can't afford it and dont really want to do it, but I am kicking the dh out of the house and baking. The old standby's of blueberry coffee cake and a pan of brownies. Its definitely insufficient by arabian standards and way too American (ummm... cause I am...), but this is what cultural exchange is for...right??

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