Apricot pork loin

Husband returned from the ME the other day, so in celebration we have to have a pork loin. Its silly, but its what we do. Neenee gave me this recipe which came from her mom and originates from where, I do not know. The seester made it for the soon-to-be uncle and it came highly recommended.

Take your pork loin and wash it. Chop 2 or 3 cloves of garlic with olive oil and a shake of salt into a paste add in 2 tablespoons of herbs de provence. Coat the pork with apricot jam and top it with the garlic mixture. Bake, Grill or Broil. You could certainly do this with lamb or beef for non-swine eaters. If you use beef, you might want to try fig or plum jam instead of the apricot.

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  1. Excellent! Hey, drop by to see what us homeschoolers cooked up this morning... http://girby.blogspot.com


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