Home Sushi

I'm getting kind of good a making sushi lately. Its because the boys are mad for it, its been really humid so the no-cook meals are popular with me, and I feel a lot of economic pressure to make my own... Its just so horribly expensive to take them all out for it, they love it so and will just keep ordering.

It kind of hangs on the rice. I've been using basic Japanese sticky rice for sushi lately, but I usually use short grain brown rice. To one cup of rice you need to add 1/2 tsp of sugar and a splash of rice-wine vinegar. I sometimes add a shake or two of seaweed powder (the package is in Japanese, I have no idea what it is...)

Mr. Muffin Puff cake gets a mix of vegetables in his, avocado, blanched green beans, peppers, pea shoots (if I can find them), and cucumber with sesame seeds.
Mr. Dumpling likes fish and rice only. I usually buy a 4oz tuna steak and a 4oz salmon steak, slice these very carefully and roll them in the rice with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.
I like mixed and usually make a salmon avocado and a tuna cucumber roll for myself.
Baby Chuck is anti-sushi, he eats mac & cheese or a penut butter and jelly if we are having sushi and loudly complains about how gross he thinks it is.

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