D is for Donuts

D is for Donuts
Donuts are sort of a very ambitious cook's project. BUT, there are a mess of recipes out there for healthi-er and, in my opinion, actually much tastier versions from what you can get in donut shops. I really do not like the standard Pink and Orange or Green and White donuts. They have a strange aftertaste that I don't remember them having when I was a kid. This might be increasing sensitivity of old age or they may have changed the recipe somehow... either way, if I'm going to eat these things, I'll be making my own.

A survey of good online dounut recipes:

101 Cookbooks: Baked Donuts- These are yummy and actually comparatively pretty easy to make.

A Small Snippet: Whole Wheat Donuts with Honey Glaze- Not pretty to look at but quite tasty.

Ina Garten's: Cinnamon Baked Donuts- Ina nails it as usual, delicious, cake-y perfect for a special occasion.


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