Kids and sugar and Easter and school and Parties...

Mr. Muffin Puffcake had an 'Easter Party' at school this week, as did the other two, which got me thinking about school and food and especially all the sugar they seem to constantly pour down their throats in the name of Jesus.

All eight parents were asked to bring enough 'treats' for twenty kids. I guess they invited another class. Assuming eight in that class and two teachers we are talking about 360 servings or 16 servings of sweets per child!!!!! There were literally buckets of cookies, platters of cupcakes, bowls of candy etc. etc. It was frankly, fairly horrifying to even my sweet-loving eyes.

Now I am a great preacher of the whole 'parental responsibility' bit, but what on earth is a semi-responsible person supposed to do in the face of so much reckless consumption of sugar?!?!
I sent fruit salad rather than cake or candy, I immediately threw away anything that came home with them, and I've declared a moratorium on all eating between school and supper. I feel a bit like I'm rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic here.

Baby Chuck has snack at school that usually consists of an 8 - 12 oz glass of juice and some sugar cereal. He tells me that 'the sugar is good tasting even if it doesn't help you grow'. The teachers sniff at me when I ask them to water his juice.

I think I'm going to ask for a doctor's note excusing them from any and all sweets not provided by me (you know who you are, can I impose upon you this way? I'd bother Dr. K but the same last name thing would limit the credibility of such a note, I think...) Arrgh! I dont have the first idea of what to do here and its only going to get worse as we go into spring. HELP!!

I was going to post a picture of the worlds fattest toddler, but actually its too scary... Google it if you must...

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