Spaghetti and other unmentionable foods.

I dont eat spaghetti. Its kind of complex. Spaghetti is for the Mayonnaise, as Tony Soprano, a favorite Italian-American stereotype, calls you people. My father called you the Medi-gans, try to figure it out, not to speak ill of the dead, but suffice it to say he could be less charitable on this question than Tony Soprano...

Anyhoo, today I made spaghetti. I had it in the cupboard, what can I say? It wasn't precisely bad, I think its the roundness that I find objectionable. Too slippery or something.. I used the 1/2 whole wheat brand of Ronzoni thin spaghetti. The boys didn't seem to notice the difference between it and our normal thin linguini, except Mr. Dumpling who agrees that spaghetti is 'not for us' (the comment that got me writing this post...).

For a pleasant spaghetti sauce, my people call it gravy, made in the crockpot:
2 cans crushed peeled tomatos
1/2 can of water
1 jar Newman's own pasta sauce (cheating, I know, but again, it was in the cupboard, adjust for salt when using jarred sauce)
whatever red meat you have around, in my case it was a couple of pork ribs from the other day (frozen), some ground beef with garlic, and a few pieces of veal in red-wine gravy.
1 large onion, browned in a scant teaspoon of olive oil
2 or 3 cloves of chopped garlic
some dried italian herbs
you can add a splash of red wine too, if you like

I let it cook on low for about 8 hours, stirring occasionally. Its a rich sauce without being too thick, perfect for long pasta, ahem!, spaghetti...

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